A classic navy wool flat cap with a grey overcheck

Navy with Grey Check Cap


Our classic Navy wool Flat Cap with a subtle grey overcheck is made in England. More information



Our Navy with a Grey Check Flat Cap is made in England and woven from English wool. Now a modern classic, according to some the flat cap became popular when a law was passed in the late 16th century that was designed to boost the sale of wool across the country. Boys over 6 years old and “non-noblemen” would be fined three farthings for not wearing a cap on Sundays and holidays.

Pure wool.

  • Made In England
  • Tweed Woven In Scotland
  • Viscose Lining

Size guidelines

  • 57 – Small
  • 58 – medium
  • 59 – Medium/Large
  • 60 – Large
  • 61 – Large/ X Large
  • 62 – X Large

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