Care Tips

At Roderick Charles we take great pride in the quality and durability of our suits and believe that if cared for properly, a Roderick Charles suit will give you many years of good service.

Hanging Suits

First, ensure the suit is unbuttoned and the pockets are empty. Your suit should always be hung from a hanger. This will help to retain its shape. To avoid dust or moths collecting, store your suit in a breathable suit bag and place in a wardrobe with generous space. If this is not possible then add mothballs to your wardrobe/s this will kill any infestation and protect against any future problems.

Pressing Suits

We use a variety of pure wool cloths in the making of our suits and most are of the hard wearing worsted variety. Despite the durable quality of this type of cloth, it is recommended to use a steamer rather than a dry iron. This will help remove creases while protecting the cloth from the harsh effects of an iron. Always use a piece of cloth or linen inbetween the iron and the garment. Another option is to leave your suit hanging in a steamed bathroom after each use and prior to storage which should remove most creasing.

Dry Cleaning Suits

To prolong the life of your suit it should be dry cleaned no more than six times per year. You may choose to have your suits steam pressed as an alternative to dry cleaning if they are only lightly soiled. Always use a reputable Dry Cleaner.